Content Management solutions and frameworks for the next generation of web development.

About Us

At Paragon Digital, we specialise in online content management, databases and e-commerce solutions.

We've been building web applications since 1997. With a wealth of experience covering everything from simple web sites to fully fledged e-commerce solutions which are able to deal with highly complex product and order configurations far beyond the scope of 'out of the box' software.

We've integrated with everything from libraries and accounts software to fulfillment warehouses and run many large web based shopping portals.

Content Management is also our speciality. Our hosted database portal (below) runs in a multi-window environment and makes light work of turning any database into a source for any online content.

Our custom built e-commerce platform is currently home to nearly 100 web sites, between them selling countless items worldwide every day. Businesses come to us when their out of the box solution just won't live up to what they really require, and comes monitored 24/7 with regular off-site data backups for peace of mind.

  • Introducing our unique web content management software:


  • Cutting edge database design meets web 2.0

    In a user friendly and familiar working environment, all running in your web browser.
  • A complete relational database application based on MySQL

    And a fully integrated web content management system
  • Full desktop environment online in your web browser
    Fully draggable, resizable and minimizable/maximisable windows
  • Customise your working environment

    with themes and custom backgrounds.
  • Familiar File Managerinterface
    for managing your files and images
  • Advanced image editing facilities
    Integrated and advanced image editing with Pixlr
  • All in a completely customisable interface
    To make you feel at home.
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